With its bright new look, interactive animations and fun characters Storybook is perfect for younger children (Key Stage 1 or Pre-Prep).

Older children (Key Stage 2 or Prep) will love Storybook too. Using the power of Firefly’s multiple dashboards, you can create a sophisticated experience for older children while keeping everything uncluttered for the younger ones.

We worked with Primary and Prep schools to ensure that Storybook not only looks good, but is easy to use. Its use of fun illustrations, bold colours and child-friendly fonts ensures that your class will love using Firefly. There are even a few hidden treats along the way.


Storybook comes in three flavours, choose from:

  • Astro our space theme
  • Springtime our outdoors theme
  • Aqua our sea theme

Click the links below to see further examples of this theme

Astro Springtime Aqua

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Its easy to get your personalised storybook. Our design team will craft a custom version of this theme based on your choices and any supplied brand guidelines.

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